A Decisive Advantage

Mankiewicz Aerospace Coatings provides complete high-tech solutions for all three segments of the industry: cabin interior, exterior and structural parts. A pillar of our success is the high intensity of service which helps you to successfully implement all relevant project specifications. We offer you extensive advice and training during all phases of the project.

System Overview


For over forty years the Mankiewicz interior paint systems have been qualified by all leading aircraft manufacturers and suppliers (for seats, galleys and lavatories). The strict focus on highest quality and long-term reliability during series production made us the market leader in this segment.

Structure Parts

The fuselage is subjected to aggressive substances (hydraulic liquids, kerosene and condensation) for long periods of time. Our paint for aircraft structural parts gives you an advantage through the reliable application, chemical resistance, corrosion protection, low VOC values and specification compliances.


More than most other surfaces, the aircraft’s outer skin is subjected to extreme stress: high UV exposure, extreme temperature variations, aggressive cleaning agents and kerosene. With our revolutionary BaseCoat/ClearCoat system, gloss retention and color stability are taken to technological extremes. Allowing for a quicker, more efficient application process.