Absorbing Reflections for Glare-Free Surfaces

Unique surfaces with a super-matte finish and suede-like haptics for highly valuable appearances. NEXTEL offers exclusive, non-glare properties, granting numerous advantages in design and technical application fields.

Design Use

Absorbing reflections for glare-free surfaces

The special NEXTEL pigments create an uneven surface which leads to a diffuse scattering of the incoming light. The rays of light are reflected in different perspective.directions and only a fraction reaches the eye. The result is a visually extremely matte finish which provides added value, both from a technical and aesthetical perspective.

Technical Use

Extraordinary colors, sophisticated finish, unique experience

The matte, suede-like texture of NEXTEL Suede Coating enables attractive product design and provides high-quality surfaces with a warm and textile feel. This lends a noble finish to sophisticated products and surfaces in a fast and easy manner.

NEXTEL can be used for interior design objects, such as ceilings, paneling, lamps or household accessories. Its unique properties also make it a widely demanded product for exhibition booths, showcases, sales displays and store design elements.

Fields of Application

The unique light absorbing properties of NEXTEL allow its use within demanding fields and products, such as telescopes, microscopes, cameras, measuring devices, satellites, sensors, dashboards and head-up displays and many more. NEXTEL helps to achieve higher accuracy of measurement and to prevent phantom objects.

Fields of Application

NEXTEL is the go-to-product for Lighting Design projects with high demands on the surface. NEXTEL can be used for Interior Design purposes such as Trade Fair Booths, Shop design, Showcases and Sales displays. It is also applicable on consumer products, providing a distinct look & feel to create value.