Uncompromising Results

ALEXSEAL Yacht Coatings supplies a complete system of epoxy primers, high build surfacers and fairing compounds, as well as a linear polyester polyurethane topcoat designed for the marine environment. Whether a yacht requires full fairing or just priming and painting, the ALEXSEAL system has the best coating products for the job.

System Overview

ALEXSEAL Premium Topcoats

Utilize the latest advances in polyurethane technology with state-of-the-art UV absorbers to achieve a durable surface with superior distinction of image and premium gloss. User-friendly application properties are achieved by spraying or brushing with efficient repair qualities.

ALEXSEAL Finish Primers

Provide an optimum base for the final topcoat, thanks to an advanced epoxy formula that features fast buildup during application with excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates and a non-porous surface that sands extremely well.

ALEXSEAL High Build Surfacers

High build sprayable epoxy coatings that use pigments and extenders which offer various surface building qualities and provide ideal sanding characteristics to achieve a yacht finish.

ALEXSEAL Fairing Compounds

Solvent-free fillers that are extremely easy to apply. These lightweight compounds mix easily, offer superior holding properties, minimize trapped air pockets, and sand to a smooth surface quickly.

ALEXSEAL Protective Primers

Provide corrosion-prevention for aluminum or steel. They are easy to apply using either a sprayer or roller. Superior adhesion properties work equally well above and below the waterline.

ALEXSEAL Auxiliary Products

Color Selection Guide

Premium Topcoat Colors

Alexseal’s Premium Topcoat 501 (T) series consists of 52 standard colors, including 3 metallic effect single-stage topcoats.

Metallic Base Coat Colors

Alexseal’s Metallic Topcoat (M) series is a two-stage s system consisting of 24 metallic basecoat colors, which is then followed by the application of Premium Topcoat 501, T0125 Clear Gloss.

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