Metallic Base Coat Standard Colors

The ALEXSEAL Metallic System provides a brilliant metallic effect, great distinction of image, and long-term UV resistance. The revolutionary two-component basecoat is unique because it uses an isocyanate converter to strengthen the coating to promote inter-coat adhesion while reducing mottling and unevenness in the final finish.


These quality components allow ALEXSEAL to offer a metallic color chart that contains 24 shades. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can also work with your nearest ALEXSEAL distributor to easily reproduce almost any custom tint.

M9392 Pure Silver
M7909 Steel Gray
M1918 Sahara Gold
M3905 Royal Rubie
M5991 Lagoon Blue
M9389 Anniversary Silver
M7916 Midnight Gray
M1920 Gold Rush
M5904 Blue Horizon
M5915 Blue Topaz
M7928 Snowpack Silver
M9394 Flint Black
M1927 Pale Gold
M5927 Dolphine Blue
M5918 Royal Nights
M7905 Stardust Silver
M9388 Black Magic
M3970 Coral Red
M7906 Ahamay Gray
M6915 Velvet Green
M8944 Hazelnut
M3984 Venetian Red
M3971 Sunstone Red
M5922 Palma Blue
M6921 Shadow Green
M8945 Diamond Gray
M8972 Quantum Brown
M3984 Venetian Red
M5914 Peppermint Blue
M6919 Luna Green
Note: These digitized color samples are for general reference purposes only and are not guaranteed to match the actual product color.

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